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The last two weeks here at Mecca Camp Resort have been exhausting! Since returning from Nebraska for New Years, we have been moving 1000 miles per minute between construction of the bathhouse, coordination of activities with our land architect, taking bids from contractors to work on the campground and hiring a waste water engineer to assist with our septic system design.

Construction Update

Remodeling of the kennels will be the theme for the remainder of the month of January as we work to convert 10 dog kennels into usable space for a bathhouse. As I mentioned last week, we began remodeling and framing work for 6 men's and women's restrooms, 3 showers and a laundry room. This week, our electrician and plumber were on site to install a dedicated hot water heater for the bathhouse. And we also had more lumber delivered for framing the inside and hallway.

Additionally, each of the kennels previously had a "doggy door" that allowed animals the ability to gain access to the outside portion of the kennels. This week, we began framing in the doggy doors so we can maintain a solid wall in each stall.

Next week, we will be working to frame in an additional wall and door, which will separate employee access from public use of the bathhouse. We also will be running hot and cold water lines next week. Our electrician will return on the 25th to run a dedicated breaker for the bathhouse, install light fixtures in the hallway and fan / light combos in each stall.

Design Update

This week we received our first look at the Site Survey and Preliminary Master Plan from our Architect. It was a great start to enabling our vision for Mecca Camp Resort! It also initiates the iterative design process over the next couple of weeks as we progress towards finalizing the Master Plan.

With the Preliminary Master Plan in hand and some revisions identified, we officially opened up the bid process with local excavation companies do the dirt work for the camp resort. This is a HUGE step in the process and we have already met with some excellent companies that we would be excited to work with. There will be much more to report here in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Waster Water Engineering

We have learned a lot in the past few months about what it means to work with the State of Tennessee and Monroe County to build a camp resort. So far, for every 10 steps forward, we have found that we may have missed a step in the process, which in some instances has caused a step backward. One of those is waste water capacity for the amount of land we have available. As a result, tomorrow we will have a waster water engineer on site to review our current capacity and soil survey in order to work with us to identify a plan and design for appropriately handling waste water on the property.


About the same time that Julia and I embarked on this adventure with Mecca Camp Resort, some very close friends of ours, Steve and Kimberly, began an adventure of their own. After months of renovations, blood, sweat and tears, they opened Take Me There Sailing for business, offering all-inclusive private sailing charters on their completely remodeled 60 foot classic sailing yacht. We are planning to take an excursion with them in the near future and would love for all of our family and friends to check them out as well.

From our family to yours, may God Bless each of you! We look forward to hosting you soon at Mecca Camp Resort!

Chris & Julia Jones

Mecca Camp Resort

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