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Houston... We ALMOST Have Full Liftoff!

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

I skipped last week's Blog as I was hoping to provide some significant updates this week. However, rather than major updates, we are working through a couple of delays while also cleaning up some trees and prepping for the "Big Stuff".

Pool Update

Originally, we were excited to be prepping for the arrival of our campground pool on Monday. However, we have hit a couple of snags and we will be postponing the install of the pool for a little bit while we await a determination from the health department as to the suitability of the pool to meet commercial health code standards. No matter what, we will eventually proceed forward with the pool for the campground hopefully sooner than later, but it may be a different pool or design than originally planned.

Prep Work and Clean Up

As we get ready for the big stuff to happen, we have been doing quite of bit of prep work and paperwork filing with the State of Tennessee. This past week, Julia's parents came to visit on their way back to Nebraska after spending a week at the Sun-N-Fun airshow in Lakeland, FL for Huffy's Airport Windsocks. While Julia's Dad was here, we were able to clean up some trees on the property and clean up along the creek, which was long overdue! Additionally, we cleared off an area of vegetation that had become overgrown over the years.

Exciting News

One bit of exciting news happened this week as Everhart Lumber completed work on our checkin counter. It turned out absolutely perfect and we can't wait to get it in place in the camp store!

Glamping Tents / Tent Camping Reservations

We are excited to announce we have opened our reservation system up to begin accepting reservations for Glamping Tents and Primitive Tent Camping, beginning Memorial Day Weekend. Please take some time to check out our reservation system and book your next stay in a Glamping Tent at Mecca Camp Resort! We are already beginning to see some reservations and can't thank everyone enough for your support!


As always, from our family to yours, stay safe and be good to one another! We look forward to seeing you at Mecca Camp Resort in the near future!

Chris & Julia Jones

Mecca Camp Resort


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1 Komen

Susan Stahl Rice
Susan Stahl Rice
25 Apr 2021

Can’t wait to Glamp in TN. We will see you in June. Super excited

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