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It's Time To Glamp

Well... we obviously took a week off for New Years as we had a wonderful Christmas / New Years celebration with family in Nebraska. It was an incredible trip and a lot of fun to get together with everyone.

As soon as we got back from Nebraska, we hit the ground running with activity on the campground.

Glamping Tents

On Friday, we checked out some Glamping Tents in Pigeon Forge and visited with owners of a couple of resorts that have Glamping Tents at their facilities. It was a great afternoon and we purchased three Glamping Tents for Mecca Camp Resort to start. The three tents will be installed and set up around the same time as the pool, at the end of April. We purchased two different types of tents. If they are popular enough, our Master Plan includes room for up to eight Glamping Tents on the site.

Glamping is where nature meets modern luxury. It’s a way to experience the beautiful surrounding of nature while camping, ane not having to sacrifice creature comforts, like electricity, a queen size bed, cold water or bugs. It's a fusion of glamour and camping! Glamping is a way to authentically experience camping without setting up tents, hauling coolers and/or having your personal belongings wet from moisture in the night’s air.

Bathhouse Construction

As I mentioned earlier, we hit the ground running as soon as we got back from vacation. On Jan 4th, we started construction on the bathhouse. Leveraging the existing infrastructure from one section of the kennels, we began framing the walls up to the ceiling and have electrical and plumbing coming in this week to install a hot water heater dedicated to the bathhouse.

The bathhouse will include three women's restrooms, three men's restrooms, three showers, and a laundry facility. It will be a really nice addition to the building and the inside will have a rustic lodge-type of look. We also will be adding entrances to each end of the bathhouse. Lots more photos to come throughout the month.

In addition to the construction of the bathhouse, we also had a great meeting with our Land Architect and began discussions with local excavation companies to start dirt work as soon as our Master Plan is complete. We are getting closer and closer to the day we break ground and are excited to engage with local companies to support the development of Mecca Camp Resort.

This week we also started engaging with companies who provide Point Of Sales (POS) systems for campgrounds. We are looking to make a decision on a POS in the next week that will provide us the opportunity to electronically map out our facility, track our inventory and assist with reservations.

Winter In Nebraska

As part of our trip back to Nebraska, Julia's brother set up a Pheasant Hunt for the entire family. Wow... that was a great time! All told, I believe we took down 50 pheasants and had an incredible time in the process. This was one of our best trips back to Nebraska and for the first time we didn't experience any bad weather during our time back.


From our family to yours, we wish you the best that 2021 can offer! We are extremely excited for what the year will bring and can't wait to see all of you visit Mecca Camp Resort as we launch in May. If you are interested, we have shirts and other gear available for purchase! Please hit us up on any of our social media channels for more information!

Chris & Julia Jones

Mecca Camp Resort

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