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Moving Forward

Well... it has been evidenced by our lack of recent blog posts, that the past several weeks have been difficult for our family. The support of everyone has re-engaged our inner strength and brought healing physically and mentally to both Julia and me. We can't thank everyone enough for the kind thoughts and prayers we have received through the loss of Julia's brother, as well as my recovery from surgery.

Most notably, I would like to thank our dear friend, Dean Donnelly, along with the help of my dad, Don, who has kept the construction train rolling in the kennels. Our final Master Plan, Grading & Drainage Plan, and Site Survey are complete and we have submitted paperwork with the State of Tennessee to begin excavation on the campground. We also have received shipment details for the Glamping Tents and are scheduled to present them to the Monroe County Planning Commission.

Bathhouse Renovations

What once was a fully-serviceable dog kennel for boarding and training, is now taking shape as a fully-serviceable campground bathhouse. Construction is roughly 75% complete and includes a laundry room, men's & women's restrooms, and showers. Dean and my Dad have done a tremendous job of keeping this project on track while Julia and I have been focused on personal items. We are so grateful and blessed that both Dean and my Dad have been able to keep things on track.

Master Plans / Planning Commission

This past week our Master Plan, Grading & Drainage Plan, and our Site Survey were finalized and delivered to the Monroe County Planning Commissioner for distribution to the Planning Commission. Julia and I are scheduled to present to the commission and can't wait to get to the next phase of our project. Seeing these finalized plans has restored our energy and provided an updated realization to something we have only been visualizing in our heads up till now.

Progress on Campground Amenities

As things have been shaping up this week, we also have been finalizing delivery dates for some of the important amenities we plan to offer at Mecca Camp Resort. We are excited to announce that our Glamping Tents will be shipping on Monday and have confirmed everything for the pool install on April 26th. We have also been in communication with excavation companies to begin the groundwork for the site and have been engaged with our electrician and the electrical company regarding the install of transformers and electrical runs for the pool, camp pads, and Glamping Tents. In addition to coordination activities, we have been continuing clean-up efforts around the property, but as you can see, we've had a bit of rain lately! :-)


We appreciate everyone staying tuned to our website and looking for more updates. Now that we are Moving Forward, our posts will again be more frequent and we will happily provide more updates as we continue. Thank you again for all of the support we have received the past few weeks! Your prayers and good wishes have been a tremendous part of our healing process... Thank You!

Please Note: We will continue to offer Boondocking services during the month of April, but we will be looking to make a transition during the month of May to an operational state, so offerings may change during that time.

From our family to yours, please stay safe, stay healthy and continue to be there for one another. We couldn't have made it through the past month without all of your support. We look forward to seeing you soon at Mecca Camp Resort!

Chris & Julia Jones

Mecca Camp Resort


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