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Silver Linings!

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

I am not sure how to write this blog without Chris. He is the one who fills you in every week about what is happening here at Mecca Camp Resort. We both bring many traits to this project and mine is not writing. If you need to stick to a budget, I’m your girl!

Update on Chris

On Sunday, February 14, Chris was not feeling well and I took him to the Emergency Room in Etowah, TN. He has been struggling with diverticulitis since the beginning of the month and just was not getting better. Following a scan at the ER we were moved to Athens Hospital and were informed that he had to undergo emergency surgery to save his life by removing all his colon.

As his wife, it is my job to make sure he gets the best care with the best results. The doctor at Athens listened to my concerns and what I thought was best for Chris and we got him transferred to Erlanger Baroness Hospital in Chattanooga, TN to perform an emergency colectomy that night. There was a high risk of making the transfer and time was not on our side.

After the surgery on Sunday, they left Chris “open” for him to heal a little longer from the infection in his abdominal cavity because his colon started leaking during the transfer. It was hard to know if I made the right decision to have Chris transferred for this surgery.

After two days, the doctor was able to successfully re-attach the remaining 12 inches of colon and close his incision. He spent four more days in the hospital and was able to return home on Friday.

It was a week of extreme highs and lows but with the best outcome possible. Chris has been in chronic pain for the past 5 years and looking at the positive that he will never have to have the pain or problems with his colon again. We are extremely grateful for the prayers and support from all of our friends and family.

Keep your eye on the prize!

While Chris was traveling to DC the week before, we hired a local retired vet to assist in the build-out of the bathhouse. Dean Donally has been a blessing in helping with renovations the past couple weeks, while also bringing his expertise to help guild us on this adventure. All the extra money he is making goes towards his non-profit of Woodworking 4 Warriors and a portion of the profits go towards suicide prevention in our military.

While this week has been difficult, Dean has been sure to remind us why we moved to Tellico Plains and to keep moving forward. We have learned through the years, no matter where you are located, you surround yourself with people who believe in you and support your dreams.

We have only been in Tellico Plains for five months and we both feel like we belong here. We cannot believe the amount of support the community has provided to our family during this difficult time.

Gotta Keep the Humor!

The day before all this craziness happened, my mother-in-law backed the car into the drainage ditch at the property. She just thought we could lift it out (“It’s a small car!”). We had to actually call our roadside assistance to get it pulled out. You can always rely on your mother-in-law to keep you on your toes.


As this has been a difficult time for our family, we are profoundly grateful that Chris is looking to make a full recovery. We can see the silver linings of what happened and are looking forward to a bright future at Mecca Camp Resort.

From our family to yours, may God Bless each of you!

Chris & Julia Jones Mecca Camp Resort

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