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The Big Stuff Begins

Another week down and another week of progress has been made. It's amazing how a little work goes so far and makes you feel so proud of what you have accomplished. This last week was a big week and while I know I committed to now posting on Thursdays and Sundays, I was just simply exhausted and didn't want to sit at the computer on Thursday night... so here I am again on Sunday.

Master Plan

This week we hosted a Land Planner / Architect at our property and spoke with another who will be visiting us on October 1st. We are extremely excited and have great promise that one of these two firms will show us the design of our dreams for our RV Resort. Both Engineers are based out of Knoxville and have a significant level of experience in designing RV resorts. We look to have one of these firms on contract by the first week of October. Included as part of our discussions with the designers have been for our park to contain:

- 50 full-service camp pads

- Pool

- Playground

- Dog Park

- Self Service Animal Cleaning Station

- Water Feature

- Walking Path In The Woods

- Stage for Music Events

- Common Use Facility with Fire Pit

Additionally, we made strides in the build out of our Camp Store and Check In Office (which will also serve as Julia's office). I spent the weekend laying flooring and getting it prepped for layout so we can begin hosting visitors in a limited capacity.

My parents, Don & Jane (not Tarzan characters) got their hands dirty and helped with painting baseboards and trim for the office, as well as installing new electrical outlets and cleaning out old, left behind items by the previous owner.

Family Time In Nebraska

This week Julia also had the opportunity to be with her family in both Minnesota and Nebraska. Julia's brother Andy completed his final radiation treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN on the 16th for a Glioblastoma in his brain that suddenly impacted him while jogging back in July. Thankfully, Julia was able to be there and help with transporting household items and vehicles back to Atkinson, NE for the family along with her parents, Gary and Karen.

The entire Hoffman Family is now back in Nebraska, including Julia, spending quality family time, enjoying life, moving cattle, and prepping for hunting season.

Additional big family news.... Julia's brother Andy has been writing a book and it was released for pre-order this weekend and can be purchased via the Team Jack website at I have ordered our copy and I hope you do as well. It's an inspirational book that Andy began writing when his only son Jack was also diagnosed brain cancer nine years ago. Through the Team Jack Foundation, along with the support of Rex Burkhead of the New England Patriots, Jack continues to make significant headway in his battle with pediatric brain cancer.

Tellico Plains Merchant Association

This week we also got introduced to the local business community and attended a meeting with the Tellico Plains Merchant Association. This group of local business owners are absolutely great people, with fantastic businesses and a common sense desire to see the community grow and prosper. We are excited to become members of this association and look forward to helping local merchants like us gain ground toward a prosperous future. The Tellico Plains Merchant Association will soon have an online presence and support from the local community. The group is currently finalizing a logo and discussing marketing opportunities that could be beneficial to all of our places of business.


It's been a busy week and I'm tired, but I'm the kind of tired that comes with accomplishment! Next week I will head up to Maryland to take care of some work items and see our boys. Julia will meet me in Maryland on Thursday evening and we will drive back down to Tellico Plains over the weekend together.

May God Bless You and Your Family This Week! I will try to post an update on Thursday while traveling, but if not, most certainly look for a new post on Sunday! Stay Safe and Healthy!

NOW OPEN FOR BOON DOCKING! Selling Ice, Firewood, and other small amenities! Call 423-253-3513 or email and let us know you're coming!

Soon to be accepting reservations via Harvest Hosts!

Chris & Julia Jones

Mecca Camp Resort

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1 bình luận

21 thg 9, 2020

You guys are something else. I moved about the same time and all I have accomplished is getting hooked up to cable and internet and picking paint colors. Plan on following your blog. Best of luck

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