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Family Feeds The Soul!

Today we had family come in to camp with us for a few days! Absolutely warmed our hearts and re-juvenated our souls! Although we offered for them to stay in the house, they chose to camp for a couple of days. As my Grandmother used to say... "Oh Happy Day!"

What A Busy Week!

This week saw the delivery of my parents modular home to the property, which was supported by the installation of the culvert I put in, the installation of the septic system to service the home and the addition of about 220 feet or water line that we installed in order to ensure my parents have running water. Additionally, this weekend, we had a fresh layer of insulation blown into the main building so we can ensure consistent heat and air going forward for the main building. It was a very exciting week for the overall picture of Mecca Camp Resort.

Camp Ground Progress

We had excellent meetings with our Land Architect (Jake Morello) this week and tomorrow (Monday), our surveyor will arrive to begin work on the topographic survey for the property! We also contacted a state approved soil scientist to begin the process of providing a soil survey for the purpose of evaluating the land's ability to support septic services for the campground. We are truly excited, as these are the next two step to making progress toward our Master Plan for the property. These items are required for us to present our plans to the Monroe County Planning Commission.


As we head into this week, we wish everyone God's Blessings and a Happy Beginning to the Holiday Season! For us, Thanksgiving is a magical holiday, as it will be the first holiday that our kids will come to visit us here in East Tennessee and we couldn't be more excited! From our family to yours... may God Bless You and Keep You Safe and Healthy!

Chris & Julia Jones

Mecca Camp Resort


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