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Moving Right Along

We are a day late with this week's Blog post as Julia and I traveled to Florida this weekend for a wedding in Jacksonville. Although we traveled this past weekend, the week itself was filled with visitors and excitement.

Building Progress

Our painting initiative continues to take shape as we are now nearly 85% complete with painting the outside of the building. My Dad has been a rockstar in the painting department and got into a groove this week. I was busy with meetings on Tuesday, went outside to check on him and he had an entire side of the building nearly complete. The feedback from visitors and others in the area has been extremely positive. People seem to love the colors and are taking notice of the changes we are making to the property. We also finally got a sign up at our entrance this past week as well.

Additionally, we had some permits approved for putting my parent's new house on the property and we had a new water meter installed today. When the state inspector came out to check out our plans for providing septic service to my parent's house, we found out that the culvert I put in actually worked, but now I have move it and re-direct water away from the septic drain field on the property. So... what I once was so proud of, I now have to dig up and fill in with dirt so I can route drainage a different way.

A Sweet Reminder

Earlier in the week we realized that we really hadn't taken time to enjoy the changing of the leaves, so later in the day on Wednesday, we made sure to take a drive at the end of the day to visit the Bald River Falls, which is one of our favorite places to visit in the area. The falls were beautiful and the water was high as we had a couple days worth of storms come through.

Boondockers Welcome

This week we also had a steady stream of Boondockers stay with us. We had guests every night this week, which was awesome! We also had our first experience in helping get someone out of the mud. It was actually kind of fun getting dirty! Oddly enough, we had gone into town for early voting and came home to find someone needing a bit of help. Truck, tractor, nothing helped! Had to call in reinforcements from my buddy Matt Wiliams to bring over a wench.


As I sit here watching football and writing this blog I can't help but think about tomorrow. If you haven't voted yet, please ensure your voice is counted at the polls. From our family to yours, may God Bless You and Stay Safe!

Chris & Julia Jones

Mecca Camp Resort


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