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Open For Business

It's not often you can say to yourself that you are realizing a dream, but in our case, we truly are, and it's exhilarating and scary all at the same time. This past week made us feel extremely positive that our plans for Mecca Camp Resort are being validated. With each person we talk to, every visit to our web site and every prospective guest that calls, we are seeing that our plans for Mecca Camp Resort are turning into a reality.

Our First Guests Arrive

Our excitement was realized this week when we had our first guests arrive for an overnight Boondocking stay. A nice couple was traveling through the area and called to let us know they were about an hour away and looking for a place to stay for the evening. Oddly enough, they were our first visitor and it was their first time camping using Harvest Hosts. They found a nice level spot and we set them set up with a fire pit for the evening. We were very happy to have them!

The same day they arrived, we had another booking come in for this weekend and next week as well. We also had another prospective camper call us about a spot for the coming weekend. It is these types of things that bring us great joy in knowing we can be comfortable location for people to stay, feel safe and relax from a long day on the road or a weekend hangout in the East Tennessee Mountains.

Our Tractor Got Delivered

Ever sense we made our decision to build Mecca Camp Resort, I had at the top of a my list of necessities the need for a tractor! With a lot of guidance from my father-in-law, we found a great tractor and it was delivered late Friday afternoon. We couldn't be happier with this purchase. The moment it arrived, we both took turns driving it around and I ended up mowing out a section of the field for campers before it got too dark. When I was in high school, I used to work at a golf course as a greens keeper. To this day, I say to myself that it was one of the best jobs I ever had... mindless mowing of grass while driving a tractor, listening to music all day and getting a great tan. I'm really looking forward to all the work we will get done with our new toy! First projects in the hopper will be to put in a culvert for a road, do some grading work, and get rid of some leftover items from the previous owner that were simply to heavy to move on our own.

Camp Store

The week also saw progress made on the camp store. We have finished painting the outside of the camp store and decorations for fall are beginning to take shape. We are also building shelving for merchandise and are now stocked with Ice and Firewood for sale. In November, Julia and my Mom Jane will attend a wholesalers event in Pigeon Forge where they will look for product and gain tips and connections for future sales in the camp store.

Explore The Area

This weekend Julia, Jane and myself met up with a wonderful couple who moved to Coker Creek a couple of years ago. We had a fantastic afternoon, meeting at the Coker Creek Visitors Center and then traveling to the peak of Buck Bald for some breathtaking scenery and then back to their house for afternoon dessert and coffee. It was a great afternoon and the views from the top of the mountain were absolutely incredible. From the top of Buck Bald you can see the mountains of North Carolina and Georgia. Little did we know that this is only about 20 minutes from our place.


As always.... from our family to yours. Stay safe, stay healthy and happy camping! We are looking forward to having you visit us at Mecca Camp Resort. Our door is always open! Feel free to book with us via email at, by phone at 423-253-2513 or via Harvest Hosts or Boondockers Welcome!

Stay tuned for next week's Blog as we will have much more to share!


Chris & Julia Jones

Mecca Camp Resort


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