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The Wheels Keep Turning

When Julia and I began this adventure, we said to ourselves... "Each week has to show progress, no matter how small!" Thankfully, we have held true to that statement and this week was no different. No matter how busy a week gets with work or weather impacts our plans, we have managed to make progress in both large and small ways.

Campground Progress

One of our most significant, but least visible, steps took place this week as we had surveyors on the property for three days conducting a topographic survey. It was pretty neat to watch the process transpire. They identified the boundaries of the property and then, using GPS, drove around in a side-by-side utility vehicle taking measurements to 1ft intervals throughout the property. They also spent an entire day in the woods and the creek bed taking measurements and staking off the property boundary.

Our next step in the process is to hire a soil scientist to conduct a soil survey for water saturation levels in the ground so we know how we can lay out our services for water and septic to support the campground. The soil survey coupled with the topographic survey and associated AutoCAD drawings are the key elements to the production of the Master Plan by our land architect.

Parents House

Progress continued on my parent's house this week as plumbing work was completed and gutters were installed. The heat pump was also ordered this week. Next week will see more work on my parent's house as we should see skirting installed and the electric company will be onsite to do the process of spotting, which will determine how electricity will be supplied to the house. Once they identify how electricity will be supplied to the home, a meter will be installed and we should be in business!

Camping Visitors

As I mentioned in last week's blog, we had family visit and tent camp on our property, which was really nice. We also hosted a nice couple on their way back to Maryland, not far from where we used to live. The world is such a small place sometimes! In our conversations with them, we came to find out that their home in Tennessee happens to be next door to the parents of our friends back in Maryland.

Part of the reason we wanted to take on this adventure is all the wonderful people you meet. And sometimes, God lets someone cross your path that you have a connection with. Sometimes it truly is a small world we live in!


May God Bless You and keep you safe and healthy! From our family to yours, we look forward to seeing you someday soon at Mecca Camp Resort!

Chris & Julia Jones

Mecca Camp Resort


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