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We Are Gaining Momentum!

What an incredibly busy week we had at Mecca Camp Resort! We are now up and advertising for Boondocking with two partners, we have continued to build out the camp store, the master plan begins to take shape and we bought a tractor!

Boondocking Update

We are now partnered with two Boondocking companies who provide online bookings for Boondockers traveling the country in an effort to see all the beauty that the countryside has to offer. We believe our little slice of heaven in East Tennessee won't disappoint! Anyone who is interested, is now able to book with us through Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome! Please check out their sites as they tell a great story about the Boondocker lifestyle and provide fantastic resources for anyone traveling the country for their next great adventure!

To all our Boondockers, we offer a HUGE backyard with access to tons of outdoor activities and moderate amenities with a welcoming family atmosphere. Come check us out and know you will be well cared for while visiting our piece of heaven in the south-eastern mountains of Tennessee!

Camp Store

The Camp Store is beginning to take shape! We have installed new doors (Go Huskers) and a new air conditioner. New flooring arrived today for the women's restroom, new toilets have been installed in the men's restroom and condo, and we have begun painting the outside of the building! We also have started to order products, which will be sold in the camp store. Soon, we will also make these products available online and are looking forward to all the people who will visit with us at our oasis in the East Tennessee Mountains. :-)

Master Plan

Anyone who knows us, knows that when we put our minds to something we want to move as fast as possible to gain momentum, beat competitors, and provide anything truly great! As such, things in Tennessee don't move quite as fast as we are used to, but that's perfectly fine, as that's one of the things that drew us to this part of the country and we love it! On Tuesday, our Land Architect, Morello & Associates, will be on-site at Mecca Camp Resort to discuss plans and next steps for the Master Plan of our dream Camp Resort. We are incredibly excited and looking forward to using the Master Plan to begin the permitting process in Monroe County and engage with Civil Engineering Firms on the next steps to reality!


As you can see, things continue to progress here at Mecca Camp Resort! We are fully engaged in the Tellico Plains Merchant Association and have been working to become a known entity around town!

In light of President Trump's diagnosis of COVID-19, please stay safe, stay healthy and from our family to your.... God Bless!

Be Sure To Vote!

Chris & Julia Jones

Mecca Camp Resort


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