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We Will Be Swimming!

This week was a very busy week here at Mecca Camp Resort. Lots of good news and lots of progress. We also are fully engrossed in a Tennessee Christmas and my parents finally slept in their own bed!

Things Are Back On Track

It was a huge week as we had been in a bit of a holding pattern while we awaited the final survey information. The delays in obtaining the survey put us behind by nearly 3 weeks, but we finally received what we were looking for and are back on track. Our architect now has everything he needs in order to finish up initial designs and continue progress toward the official Master Plan.

Additionally, a second BIG WIN happened this week! We have guaranteed installation of a pool! As everyone has experienced in some way, COVID has thrown a wrench in the supply chain across the country! Well... the pool industry was no different as COVID has people flocking to install pools for their families. Nonetheless, through some bartering, we were able to ensure that we will have a pool installed at Mecca Camp Resort prior to our planned Grand Opening on Memorial Day Weekend! We couldn't be more excited and everyone around town is excited that this new amenity is coming to the community.

The Mecca Camp Resort pool will feature a rock waterfall made from materials found in East Tennessee that match the landscape of the surrounding mountains. The pool also will have a lounging area that will allow families the ability to have young children enjoy the pool area. We are so excited that we were able to make this happen.

We also were able to meet with the newly-elected Mayor, Marilyn Parker! We discussed our project, our journey to Tellico Plains, our potential impact on the community, and how the community can embrace us as we develop what we believe will be something Tellico Plains can be proud to offer. It was a great conversation and one in which we hope will spearhead a mutually beneficial relationship between Mecca Camp Resort and the city of Tellico Plains.

Next up are meetings with the Monroe County Mayor and the Monroe County Planning Commission!

Parents House

For the first time in 4 months, my parents were able to sleep in their own bed! This week, my parents received the keys to their new house here on the property and have started to move. No more nights of sleeping in a camper! They were so excited and so happy to move into a permanent place. We are currently having a deck built on the house and as soon as that is complete, we will get the rest of their items moved into the new house.

Tennessee Mud Is No Joke

We experienced a good bit of rain this past week, which has made a few areas of the property a bit muddy and it feels like we found all of those spots with as many vehicles as possible. If it wasn't the Clayton Homes people getting stuck, it was my truck. In one instance, I used my truck to pull someone out and in another, we used our tractor to pull out our truck! Either way, it was kinda fun!

Merry Christmas

As we enter Christmas week, our hearts are filled with joy! Two of our kids will be able to spend Christmas with us in Tellico Plains, and the other will be stuck in Cleveland, OH. However, per momma's orders, he will be dialed in via Zoom for present exchange and family church services. We also will be distributing 20 Christmas Meals from Mecca Camp Resort to those in need. Meals will be distributed on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. We are so happy to be able to give back to the community that has provided us such a warm welcome!

As we begin snacking on treats like Reindeer Food (above), Chex Mix, and other goodies, we wish you a very Merry Christmas from our family to yours! We look forward to you staying with us at Mecca Camp Resort!

Chris & Julia Jones

Mecca Camp Resort


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